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Startup EcoSystem™ announced the release of the DealIQ Lite founder and deal readiness survey and report. DealIQ™ Lite is the first in a series of deep dive readiness surveys designed for use by Founders or early-stage and startup businesses to assess their readiness across 12 to 16 areas of core business functionality. Areas evaluated are dependent on the industry group(s) that the business is most closely identified with.  The DealIQ model comes from the 18+ month effort of the core team of Startup Ecosystem Founders who collectively have made individual or group investments in well over 100 startups over two decades of angel investment and early-stage VC efforts.  The DealIQ™ Lite survey form is available for use by angel groups, accelerators, and incubators to best qualify the deal applications received from startup and early-stage Founders and their ventures.

The DealIQ™ Lite is offered by Startup EcoSystem™ at no cost to investment organizations for use by Founders.