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Startup EcoSystem™ reduces early-stage investment failure and fatigue by converting best practices into data, and data into efficient, deeply insightful tools that facilitate quickly funding new ventures and safeguarding the outcomes for both founders and investors.

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The Startup Ecosystem™ DealIQ™ Toolset

Free DealIQ™ Lite for use by Angel and Investor Organizations

Startup EcoSystem™ offers DealIQ™ Lite at no charge for use by Angel and Investor groups that are members of the Angel Capital Association or that make use of the Dealum Deal Flow Management platform. DealIQ™ Lite links launched from such enrolled organizations automatically receive links to access the resulting DealIQ™ Lite report upon submission, delivered directly to up to six designated email addresses associated with your organization. For organizations that make use of Dealum and the Dealum API, DealIQ™ Lite submissions automatically deliver a link to the generated DealIQ™ Lite report links directly to the associated deal within your Dealum deal room.

Launching Q3 – 2024 The Startup Ecosystem™ DealIQ™ Tool Set

ROI Waterwall™, Team DNA™, and DealIQ™ Plus

The Evolution of the Angel Funding Environment

Angel investment remains the primary funding source for startup and early-stage businesses in the Startup Ecosystem™. However, the rapid growth of angel investing has led to an influx of investors and a diluted market. As a result, finding quality investments that offer accelerated growth requires dedicated effort and long-term commitment. Being an ROI-positive angel investor can no longer be treated as a hobby. Without the necessary level of commitment, investors are likely to face challenges and fail to achieve significant returns on investment.

What is the Key to Success for Angel Investment and Founders?

Identifying the most qualified deals for the benefit of Founders and Investors necessitates thorough due diligence from potential investors, while Founders must actively participate in providing hard data to address due diligence inquiries. Startup Ecosystem™ offers a secure member access deal flow management platform, complemented by the Startup Ecosystem™ DealIQ report, enhancing efforts to yield high-value outcomes that mutually benefit both Investors and Founders.

What is Angel Investing?

Angel investing is a type of private equity investing, in which high-net-worth investors attempt to earn higher returns by taking on more risk compared with investing in the public markets. Angel investors, or “seed” investors, are wealthy individuals who invest their personal capital into startup companies during the early stages of development, receiving an ownership stake in return.

They provide up to 90% of outside equity raised by startups (excluding friends and family), according to the Angel Capital Association. Entrepreneurs rely on the support of angel investors to help get their business concept off the ground.

Angel investors can be accomplished entrepreneurs themselves, and may have expertise or experience in the industry they’re investing in. They can bring guidance, networking, and knowledge to the startup company in addition to their capital investment.

Besides nurturing startups and new business ideas, angel investors are also looking for their investment to grow and pay off significantly down the road. This means they may keep close tabs on the startup’s affairs and become involved in decision-making to ensure their invested capital is used appropriately.

Angel investing is a risky business for the angel investor and usually represents no more than 10% of an angel investor’s portfolio. An angel investor may be hands-off or get deeply involved in the early stages.

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