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Our Mission

At Startup EcoSystem™, we strongly believe that innovation is the life of our society. It is our goal to help entrepreneurs build strong successful companies and help investors achieve the desired return on investment through quality deals.

Our Vision

Founders that are most prepared to succeed are being rapidly supported by a growing body of tenured investors who are rewarded for accurate recognition of risks.

An Experienced Team

Starting, running, and growing a business takes a village of resources and talent. Team and execution are at the top of the list. While entrepreneurs may have great ideas, those ideas require funding along with the proper business strategy and execution. That’s where Startup EcoSystem™ comes in to help entrepreneur increase their likelihood of success and investors increase their return on investments.

Meet Our Team of Founders

Jeffrey Lang CEO and President - Startup EcoSystem, Inc.

Jeffrey Lang

President & CEO

Jeffrey Lang currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for Desert Angels. He is a C-level executive with 30+ years as CEO, COO, CFO & CTO of companies $10MM to $240MM. He is a serial entrepreneur with 5 successful exits. Jeffrey has well-earned expertise in business operations, strategic planning & finance.
Experience and expertise in enterprise business operations & management systems. Strategic planning & finance qualifications with strong analytical acumen, business development, transaction structuring, negotiation, merger, acquisition and investment management, human resource management, MIS technology, and leadership skills. Extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and execution of ERP solutions. Demonstrated personal commitment with a high level of integrity, knowledge & understanding.
Jeff Koenig - Chief Product Officer & Secretary - Startup EcoSystem, Inc.

Jeff Koenig

Chief Product Officer & Secretary

Jeff Koenig owns Open 4 Business, providing fractional CEO and CFO strategic planning services to small businesses from pre-launch to exit. With his own outside-the-box methods and tools, Jeff offers an executive education program and lab series in strategic financial planning to expert COOs who need help rounding out their CEO and CFO skills. Jeff also prolifically invests in alternative asset classes including angel capital and institutional real estate with a portfolio of investments spanning many States, GPs, and angel groups. On the board of the Desert Angels and two committees of the Angel Capital Association, Jeff enjoys screening, due diligence, and process re-engineering with a desire to help the next generation of investors spot investable companies. Jeff advocates as a Trustee of the National Small Business Association and on the National Regulatory Fairness Board. With what time is left, Jeff practices risk assessment as a technical mountain biker.

Robert "Bob" Stasey - Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer, Startup EcoSystem, Inc.

Bob Stasey

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Robert Stasey is an investor with Hub Angels, one of the oldest angel organizations in Boston. He is a member of the Angel Capital Association deal syndication task force.
Robert Stasey was the Director of Strategic Initiatives for twenty years at Analog Devices (ADI). He directed the Six Sigma program, headed process improvement, and led a Corporate entrepreneurial program. Entrepreneurial program participants developed skills in identifying attractive market segments, validating business models, and creating effective go-to-market strategies. His entrepreneurial ‘boot camp’ developed ADI’s future leaders.
Prior to joining ADI, Mr. Stasey served as Consulting Partner with Coopers & Lybrand in charge of New England’s Manufacturing Strategy Practice.
Previously, Mr. Stasey was the Durant Digital Instrument Plant Manager at Eaton Corporation. He applied strategic and productivity improvement skills toward achieving a remarkable plant turn-around chronicled in his book, Crossroads (published by Dow Jones Irwin in 1991).
Mr. Stasey earned an MBA in Management, and a B.S. in Finance, and was certified as a CPA in Illinois.

Our Difference

Our processes and tools help decrease startup’s risk of failure and increase the likelihood of success and help investors better understand what they are investing with the ultimate objective of sourcing quality deals and higher return on investment.

Our Focus

With a combined 70+ years of experience our Founders have learned that without exception sound deal-related due diligence always yields the best possible results for angel and early-stage investors.  The Startup Ecosystem™ DealIQ™ survey and report(s) provide due diligence teams with the hard data that they need to perform effective due diligence.

Improve ROI by 2.5 to 5x

Good Due Diligence Delivers Superior ROI

Numerous studies have repeatedly indicated that with effective and complete due diligence, early-stage investment ROI improves on average by 2.5x to 5x.

Use StartupEcosystem™ DealIQ™ to best ensure that your due diligence is informed, prepared, and planned.