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NuFund Venture Group, a new wave of angel investors with a fund model investing in technology leaders, and Dealum, a premier platform for angel organizations, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the investment experience for both investors and startups, fostering innovation and driving growth in the early-stage capital ecosystem.

“We are excited to join forces with NuFund,” said Seren Rumjancevs, CEO of Dealum. “Their unique fund model and impressive network of investors bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table. Together, we aim to significantly impact the next generation of angel investing.” she continued.

NuFund has been one of the most active and successful early-stage investor groups over the past two decades. With over 350 active accredited investors nationwide, NuFund has built a reputation for excellence and innovation. The group has consistently invested an average of $12 million annually from 2020 to 2022, focusing on groundbreaking technologies in software, hardware, cleantech, mobile, biotech, medical devices, pharma, genomics, diagnostics, and digital health.

Dealum’s platform will provide NuFund members with advanced tools and resources to streamline the investment process, from initial screening to due diligence and portfolio management. This partnership will also offer startups in the NuFund network greater access to capital, mentorship, and support from a vast pool of experienced investors.

“Partnering with Dealum is a significant milestone for NuFund,” said Serhat Pala, President of NuFund. “We chose Dealum because they enable us to better manage our increasing deal flow, improve deal sharing with other early-stage venture capital firms and reputable investor groups around the country, and enhance our analytics and data capabilities. We are very impressed with Dealum’s open-minded and customer-centric approach to making their product better fit the dynamic changes in the venture capital industry.”

The partnership was highlighted during NuFund’s recent “Women in Angel Investing” webinar, an event dedicated to encouraging more women to enter the field of angel investing. The webinar featured insights from five experienced female investors who shared their journeys, lessons learned, and investment strategies. Dealum’s sponsorship underscored the company’s commitment to inclusion in the investment community.

“Dealum’s sponsorship of our Women in Angel Investing event reflects our shared values of fostering diversity and innovation,” said Seren Rumjancevs, CEO of Dealum. “We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will create for NuFund members and the broader startup ecosystem.”

About NuFund Venture Group

NuFund Venture Group represents a new wave of angel investors, pioneering a novel fund model focused on emerging technology leaders. NuFund was formerly known as Tech Coast Angels – San Diego (TCA-SD), and the organization is one of the largest, most active, and most successful early-stage investor groups over the past 20+ years. They continually strive to foster a culture that is friendly, innovative, engaging, rewarding, and fun for all stakeholders. For more information, please visit

About Dealum

Dealum is one of the leading deal flow and collaboration platforms for angel investor groups to manage their funnel, increase member engagement, share rounds and co-invest. The company was founded in 2017 by a team of angel investors and is headquartered in Tartu, Estonia. With over 210 investor groups using the platform alongside 24k investors and 85k companies, more than $200,000,000 has been indicated in the last 12 months on the Dealum platform by individual angel investors worldwide. For more information, please visit