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Dealum is excited to announce its partnership with StartUpNV, Nevada’s state-wide accelerator and venture fund dedicated to building a diverse and resilient economy. This collaboration aims to support and enhance StartUpNV’s impactful programs that educate, cultivate, and attract investment for entrepreneurs and startups. 

“We are happy to contribute to the growth of Nevada’s entrepreneurial community through partnership with StartUpNV ,” said Seren Rumjancevs, the CEO of Dealum. “What stands out for us in StartUpNV is that their business strategy focuses on investing in non-traditional founders and markets, contributing to economic diversification. We want to contribute to this strategy with our platform and services!”

StartUpNV is proud to partner with Dealum as their centralized startup investment platform. “Our team can easily manage all of our venture and investor education conference funds, evaluate companies for investment with customizable diligence requests and assessment tools, circulate deal flow, and distribute investor updates – all in one place!” commented Jeff Sailing, the Executive Director & Co-Founder of StartUpNV. “With Dealum, our investors have access to a single portal to view opportunities and all of their holdings, and startups can easily apply to multiple investment opportunities. Plus, we’re able to syndicate with other angel groups, enabling access to more deals for both investors and startups. We look forward to a long relationship making deals with Dealum,” added Maggie Sailing, Chief of Operations at StartUpNV.

About StartUpNV

StartUpNV is a key player in Nevada’s economic landscape. The organization focuses on educating and empowering entrepreneurs and investors, offering a range of programs from accelerators and incubators to advanced series and boot camps. StartUpNV actively leads investment syndications through its venture funds collaborating with over 250 accredited investors and funds. 

About Dealum

Dealum is one of the leading deal flow and collaboration platforms for angel investor groups to manage their funnel, increase member engagement, share rounds and co-invest. The company was founded in 2017 by a team of angel investors and is headquartered in Tartu, Estonia. With over 190 investor groups using the platform alongside 22k investors and 77k companies, more than $123,000,000 has been indicated in the last 12 months on the Dealum platform by individual angel investors worldwide.

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