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Angel groups form the bedrock of the investment ecosystem. The success of these groups depends largely on the connections they make with other groups and investors. The Angel Capital Association (ACA), in partnership with Dealum, has published an insightful interview with Jeffrey Lang from Desert Angels, one of the country’s leading angel groups.

If you’re an investor looking to connect with fellow angels or an angel group manager searching for a blueprint for navigating the platform selection process, this interview is a must-read. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s successful angel groups!

Jeffrey Lang discusses the importance of angel group collaboration, sharing valuable insights for not only angel groups but the entire investment ecosystem. Jeffrey Lang is a trailblazer in the angel group connectivity space, and his investment story and process of selecting a platform for angel collaboration are full of relevant takeaways for investors and angel group operators alike. The insights shared in this interview provide useful guidance to anyone seeking to strengthen their angel group connections and pave the way for greater success in the angel investment space.

“We used the three platforms (Gust, Proseeder and Dealum) side by side and ran a series of comparative tests by six separate functional members of Desert Angels. With that detailed list of functional feedback or comparisons, we were then able to compare and contrast. The result was that we assigned scores to each of those steps and functions in terms of their necessity and ultimately picked our winner.

The winner turned out to be Dealum because it enabled us to do all of the features and functions that we had defined as being necessary or desirable, with the exception of one. And I have to throw out a note here that says we highlighted that one to Dealum when we selected it, and within 40 days, Dealum had added that functionality.”

Dealum is proud to host the Desert Angels on their platform and appreciates their continuous feedback to improve the platform ecosystem.

For a full interview transcript, head over to the ACA Insights Blog!