Our unique discovery engine allows us to identify molecules, derived from worm species, to develop into safe, orally-available therapeutics.

Allergic and autoimmune diseases were first described in the early 1900s, the same time that gut-resident worms were removed from people in industrialized countries. Interestingly, it has long been known that areas of the world that continue to have a high incidence of gut worm infestation are largely free of allergic and autoimmune diseases. It is believed that these worms produce molecules that limit inflammation and promote tissue repair.

Worms have been used successfully to treat immune diseases and efforts have been made, without success, to identify worm derived therapeutic compounds. Holoclara is using our discovery engine, a unique solution, to isolate and identify worm derived molecules to help the millions of people suffering from allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Our mission is to provide novel, worm derived therapeutics that have existed in the human gut for thousands of years in order to deliver relief to patients.